Hi, I'm Chris Ball.

I want to help you level up your development skills. I've got over a decade of front-end and back-end experience, and want to share what I've picked up along the way.

My Experience

From Rails to Ember // February 2015 - Present

From Rails to Ember aims to be the best resource for Rails developers interested in Ember, regardless of experience level. There are weekly tips to help ease a developer's transition, with specific examples comparing concepts in both frameworks. A cheatsheat and guide are in progress.

Echobind, Inc. // January 2010 - Present

At Echobind, I've worked with multiple types of companies in various industries ranging from music to healthcare. I've helped my clients complete major code refactorings, scaling improvements, create internal and external API's, helped with architecture decisions and the creation of comprehensive, automated test suites when none were in place. I've worked with teams to adopt best practices, improve development workflows, write better, easier to understand code and ultimately, create great products.

I've given talks about Ruby, Rails and Ember. Here are my favorites.

I have experience with many different languages and technologies. Here are some highlights:

  • Ember to create amazing, responsive front-end experiences.
  • Ruby on Rails to create robust, easy-to-consume API's and quickly implement well-tested, complex business logic in a straightforward way.
  • Interactive charts using d3.
  • Postgres, MySQL, MongoDB as databases.
  • Redis
  • Memcache
  • Billing and Payments for providers such as Stripe, Balanced, and Authorize.net.
  • API integrations with products such as Twilio, Google, and Facebook.
Senior Web Engineer
OurStage, Inc. // April 2007 - July 2012
  • Led development of site upgrade from Rails 2 to Rails 3 on a very large, mature codebase.
  • Led unit and integration testing efforts using RSpec.
  • Developed custom transcoding application for media files.
  • Designed and developed a configurable microsite application to allow for easy hosting of partner microsites.
  • Designed and developed a Remote Competition Module that allowed monthly competitions to run on partner sites and in Facebook.
  • Designed and developed custom video and audio players and a playlist manager.
Application Architect
Appendant Marketing Group // January 2006 - April 2007
  • Developed internal applications using Coldfusion
  • Designed and implemented landing pages for product campaigns
  • Created custom video intro animations
  • Assisted in the graphic design of various print projects including letters, postcards and posters

For case studies on client projects, or if you'd like to talk about hiring me for consulting work, please visit echobind.com.